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Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment Set at Zero

The co-op’s Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA) has been set at zero for 2018, which means CCEC members will see an increase on their electric bills. The WPCA in 2017 was a credit of $6/1,000 kWh of electricity.

The WPCA reflects fluctuations in the wholesale cost of power the cooperative purchases for its members and is typically due to changes in the cost of fuels used for generating electricity. We were able to provide a credit last year, for instance, because of the availability and low cost of natural gas used in power production.

The primary factor necessitating the change for 2018 is a rise in our wholesale power costs to cover expenses related to bringing existing coal ash basins into compliance with new regulations.

In addition, we have had to raise the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency charge beginning Jan. 1 from 20¢ cents to 21¢ for residential consumers, and from 87¢ to $1.15 for commercial accounts.


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