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Outage Prevention

What Can You Do?Downed Power Lines

Removing dead limbs or those likely to break off during a storm is one good way to prevent outages. Another way to help us get the power back on quickly is by making sure we have access to our lines and other facilities. Fences, outbuildings and other obstructions severely hamper our ability to get crews and equipment to poles, transformers and lines for both for maintenance and for damage repair following outages.

What Do We Do?

During hurricanes and other powerful storms, branches and uprooted trees, both in the cooperative’s rights-of-way and on members’ property, are major causes of outages. We have a responsibility to maintain adequate clearances from lines and equipment to provide for the safe, reliable delivery of electricity.

Right of Way Maintenance

Our right-of-way maintenance plan is an important part of providing reliable service. We have comprehensive vegetation management programs that include trimming trees and controlling plant growth near power lines in a 3-year, industry-standard cycles. The trimming includes trees in an area up to 15 feet on either side of power lines. If you plant trees within that area, be aware that they may be cut back or removed to keep them away from our lines.

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ROW Trimming Crew

Wood Chips Available

Wood chips are available to property owners. If you see our contract crews working in your area and would like a truckload of chips, contact customer service at







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